EFB has taken their new home construction experience and created a Renovation arm. Using some of the same craftsmen that helped build the business to where it is today, we are answering the calls from new and old customers to renovate homes. It just seems like the natural thing to do. Plus we hate saying no, so now when people call and ask if we handle renovations, we can give it the same dedication that we give to new home buildings.

Whether it be finishing a basement or attic, or doubling the size of a kitchen, remodeling a bathroom, there is nothing that we can not do. We have dedicated two of our team to be on-site doing a lot of the actual carpentry and demolition, while at all times so that we are always in charge of anyone who enters your home. And we could not have found two guys that are more obsessed with being clean. At the end of each day, you will hardly know they were there!

Renovations are tricky, especially when you live in the place that we come to work! Constant communication and teamwork are a huge part of that process. It takes a lot of planning and scheduling to get the jobs to run as smoothly as possible and in a timely fashion. When you choose us to do your renovation, you will always know what is happening each day.

And with our wide-ranging access to trades, there is no stone we can not match, no trim casing we can not duplicate, no space we can not envision…we can be as seamless as you can imagine!