Regardless of the project being a new home or a renovation, there is no success if we are not paying attention to the details. And this is one of the main reasons why we love customer visits and interaction.

Each time you visit your home, we love to ask some questions about how we can finish the details. Whether it is a tile pattern, paint color, trim detail or light location, we invite the customer to participate in the decisions to make it your own design and final product.

We have built a great reputation over the years for building a great product. And that is because our team members are present on every job, every day. We know how the houses come together and can be ahead of some of the pitfalls that come along in the construction process. We get it and if you ask, we have most likely done it before! Our experience grows every day we are on the job and we love to share it with you. We have the management and supervision in place to make sure each job is checked each day.

But we cannot do all of the work ourselves, so we have also established great relationships with our trades. Most of them have been with us since we start this company over 10 years ago. We know these folks are doing great work and understand the quality level of Erwin Forrest. They understand the process and more importantly, they understand our philosophy that the customer is always right!