About Us

Some things just go together. Erwin Hoeing ran a lumber yard for his career in Indianapolis, Indiana. Forrest Sutherland dabbled in home improvement in the hills of Kentucky. Their grandson, Keith Hoeing, began working for a builder when he was 16. As he rose through the twists and turns of the homebuilding industry, he achieved his goal of having his own building company. He continued the tradition of his grandfathers and combined the names to form Erwin Forrest Builders.

Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina provided Keith with the desire to build distinguished homes like he admired when he was young. He also learned that southern hospitality was simply a way to make others feel at home, so he uses that ideal in establishing the trust and confidence with each of his buyers as they work together to build their dream. By working closely with each buyer, Keith has produced homes that set themselves apart from the ordinary. Quality is a given, character is the goal. Customer Satisfaction is what drives his business.


For Erwin Forrest, there is no greater feeling than handing the keys over to a homeowner who is in love with their new creation, a creation that can never be duplicated. A relationship built over the course of the project does not end.

We want to remain a part of your life and ensure that all of the parts are working the way they should to make the whole the accomplishment that was desired. No time frames, no limits. We stand behind our work, and then some.


Keith Hoeing – President – keeps a watchful eye on all projects and is the point man for the business..

Alex Brochu – Alex handles all of the new construction projects from drywall to finish. He has worked side by side with Keith for several years and was his first hire. Alex knows how to get the houses completed in EFB fashion.

John Panza – is our supervisor that handles getting all of the projects out of the ground and to the drywall stage. John has an extensive background in the building industry, including days of running a framing crew. John is great with running our jobs and keeping the schedules.

Jason Andrews – is our resident architect. Jason handles the design and follow through of a lot of our remodeling and new construction projects. Jason is a current registered architect in PA and uses his vast experience of working for other architects to bring his own brand to EFB.

John Jordan – is our supervisor that handles all of our remodeling and renovation projects. His wealth of experience of running his own company in South Carolina brings us a wealth of new and creative ideas to each project, especially in the area of woodworking and use of reclaimed barn material.

Doug Fleissner – Doug is the head of our renovation/remodeling work crew. Doug and his brother Dominic are our working supervisors who do the hands on work in these projects and run the day to day operations. These are the magicians who show up at the house everyday but clean up so well at the end of the day that you never knew they were there!